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Non Degree Program

Sahid Tourism and Travel Business Institute provides non formal training programs in travel business include seminars, workshops,  in-house training and consultancy services. We are committed to developing programs that are in pace with the dynamic changes in the tourism industry.

Some of Training Services include:

1. Service Excellence Training (12 hours )

This training is tailored to improve the skills in service delivery needed in tourism and hospitality industry from good to great. It covers two module:

a. Service Excellence (6 hours)

Course objectives:

  • Anticipate, identify and meet the service expectations of guests ( external customers)
  • Identify internal customers and anticipate and meet their service expectations
  • State and utilize the sources of information that define service standards
  • Use additional service skills to exceed the service expectations of guests wherever possible

b. Service Recovery (6 hours)

Course Objectives:

  • Identify process and service failures in service delivery
  • Resolve the CAUSE of the Service Failure to improve the quality of the service
  • Reduce the time and costs spent in service recovery

2. English for Tourism and Hospitality (36 hours)

It includes a module of English needed for tourism and hospitality industry. It covers language needed by professional who are engaged in hotel operation or tour operation.

Course Objectives:

  • To develop the ability to speak and understand English in the contexts of hotel and travel services operation
  • To provide and exchange clear and accurate language functions
  • To foster confidence in conducting public speaking

3.  Tour Operation (36 hours theory and a city tour )

It includes training that equips individual with the ability to design, develop, and operate tour programs, as well as managing tour business.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand  the principal theory in Tour Guiding, code of ethics, roles, responsibility of tour guides, and interpretation technique
  • Plan, design, and make tour program quotation
  • Conduct a domestic tour program
  • Provide interpretation to customer

4. Product Development and Digital Marketing (36 hours)

This module focus on the tools and techniques associated with analyzing market opportunities and then focus on designing and introducing new products and services in tourism. It emphasizes on how to put tourism product creative ideas into the use of digital marketing platform.


  • Understand new product development process and integration to customer need analysis
  • Learn on how to make website and social media useful as platform in introducing the product
  • Understand and apply technique that can promote new product expansion