Our research aims to support the performance and preserve the sustainability the business

We have wide range of research services including

1. Destination Tourism Planning Research

The main objective is to design a conceptual and practical toolkit which can be applied in tourism destination and its supporting sector. Desired outcomes include a draft  of spatial plan, further understanding of destination potentials and products, and visible marketing plan.

2. Small Business Research

It investigates issues affecting small and medium size business enterprises producing outcomes to enhance their performance.

Our research focuses on four aspects of small business: home based business , small tourism enterprises, accounting services for small business, and business harvesting and exits

3. Travel Research

The main objective is to build practical industry innovation in three broad areas:

  • Understanding travel – explores the social relevance of the sector including theory, history, travel, and consumption
  • Applying travel – examines  lifestyle balance research to offer a holistic view of  communities affected by tourism development, management and the role of stakeholders in the tourism industry
  • Advancing travel – key information and strategies to industry, government and other stakeholders to create policies that enhance the capacity of individuals and communities

4. Event Research

This research group focuses on the evaluation of both leisure and business events. We evaluate festivals and major events based on the following areas:

  • economic contribution and effectiveness
  • social impacts on community quality of life
  • volunteer management issues such as recruitment, retention and volunteer development
  • cultural events the meaning of authenticity, and its role in audience attendance and satisfaction.