The key services of indotourismweb include corporate seminars, management and development workshops, skills development seminars, customised in-house training and business consultancy services. We are committed to developing quality programmes with experienced trainers in providing training solutions that are in pace with the dynamic changes in the tourism industry.

Our Training Services include:

1. Service Excellence Training

This training is tailored to improve the skills in service delivery needed in tourism and hospitality industry from good to great. It covers two modules: Service Excellence and Service Recovery. 4 hours/module.

2. English for Hospitality

It includes a module of English needed for hospitality industry. It covers language that used in daily in dealing with customers as well as certain vocabulary that a hotelier has to know.

3. Business and Financial Training

It includes training that equips individual with the ability to design and develop business plan, as well as managing business finance.

4. Customer Service Training

It includes general and basic skills of service, the module includes grooming, phone courtesy, and handling complaint.