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Selling Through Service


Selling today is not merely an action when the customer buys a product, in this case when the hotel guest stays in the hotel. Selling is a matter retaining and maintaining a good relationship with the customer. That is why hotel always give the best services to the guest during their stay. In after purchase, hotel keeps and maintains guests with birthday greeting cards, e-mail notification on hotel news and updates, visits, and calls. Service is selling and selling is service.

During guests stay in hotel, guests may have limited information on the facilities and services. They probably know from reading the brochure or information from the internet. Because of this limited information, guests’ needs and wants may not be fulfilled. In order to give the best services to the guests and help fulfill their needs satisfactorily, it is the duty of the front liner to share hotel best features and benefits to the guests. By sharing that information, it will promote the hotel to the guest and guest will have good consideration in using the hotel products and services.

To promote hotel feature and benefits to the guests and help guests with their needs there are several things that need do:

  1. Use good questioning technique (Funnel Questioning). It includes: open question, leading question and close questions. For example: What kind of cuisines do you prefer, Sir? Which one do you like? Would you like me to order it for you?
  2. Listen carefully to the guests needs and wants. It includes understanding the message, the body language, and gives appropriate responds such as paraphrasing or nodding.

Describe features and benefits.

3. Help guests understand not just the feature but also the benefits of the products or services. For example: Yu Go is open until 11 pm. You and your colleagues can have a late drink in the restaurant. It also has a beverage promotion until end of the month.

You can boost and recommend hotel products and services by doing selling technique: Up Selling (offering more enhanced products), Cross selling (offering products of other department), and switch selling (offering to use alternative products). There is often the case that guests may refuse or reject the offer. There are some techniques that can be done to help to encounter it.

  • Not accepting the recommendation, you can offer something else, for example if guest does not want dessert, you may offer coffee or tea.
  • Complain about service or product, you can follow steps in service recovery
  • Complain about the price , you can offer alternative less expensive
  • Not want any recommendation, you can apology and offer to come back later
  • As service professionals, our job is to provide solutions and by giving suggesting to guests shows us to be caring and concerned service professionals who are focused on the guest’s needs and wants.