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Museum Benteng Tangerang


City of Fortress (Kota Benteng), that’s the nickname that carried by the Tangerang City. Not only that, the term Chinese Fortress firmly attached to many of its citizens who are ethnic Chinese. Tangerang is one area where many ethnic Chinese Indonesian to grow and thrive.

Evidence of the development of Chinese civilization in Tangerang is found in Benteng Heritage Museum. Udaya Halim’s private museum is the result of the restoration of an old building with traditional Chinese architecture built around the 17th century. The building is located in Cilame Street, Pasar Lama Tangerang, this is the oldest building in Tangerang which Chinese elements are very thick.

Indonesian First Chinese culture museum has two floors. The floor of the museum is used as a restaurant, gathering place, souvenir sales, and so on. While on second floor we can find a variety of antiques museum collections. This museum houses a variety of items related to the history of the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia as well as various artifacts originated from the past.

On the second floor, you can find various historical items neatly arranged both in the storefront and on the table. One collection of antiques that can be found is the first opium scales. Scales opium contained in this museum comes from China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Burma, and Thailand. There were shards of pottery, shells, teeth, nails made ​​of iron handmade, even the tin.

Not only goods, collectibles Chinese old literature and Tangerang was stored neatly in this museum. One is the letters written by OCT (Oey Kim Pole) who is a Kungfu adapter from Tangerang.

There is also a Chinese shoe size is very small. This shoe was once used to form the Chinese women’s feet to be very small. Not only shoes, no headdress, shoulder ornament, ornate clothes from China, Chinese batik fabrics, fabrics morning afternoon, and kebaya encim. One of them contained a collection of items from the Captain’s wife in Batavia, Ow Tjoei known as “Kartini of Batavia”, which was donated to the museum.

 You can also get to watch a wide variety of old cameras that can still produce high-quality images in a special room that is separate from other items. For those of you who are happy with the music, you can also see the various collections of songs rotator ranging from the most ancient; Edisson phonograph made ​​in the 1890s. There are also toys like typical Chinese mahjong.

The last part is considered to be the most valuable thing in this museum is a relief at the top of the room. Relief was a piece of the story of the Three Kingdoms. Its condition is still 95 percent of the original.

Heritage Museum is open from 13.00 until 18.00. Tour here is a “guided tour” which is lasted about 45 minutes , and the number of each group is limited to 20 participants. To be able to witness the beauty of the museum and see a collection of historic, visitor rates apply. For general Rp 20,000, Rp 10,000 for students, Rp 50,000 for foreigner, and a heritage walk Rp 50,000 for groups of more than 10 people.