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Hotel Manning Needs


When you have the position as HR Manager, the first thing that you need to do is make calculation on the number of employees the hotel needs to have. You need to decide how many employees that are needed in each department. The number of the employees depends on the type of hotel that you run. Is your hotel a budget hotel, a three star hotel, a five star hotel? Different type of hotel have different in size, service, number of room, facilities and soon. There is a pretty common ratio to determine the number of the employees. The ratio falls from 0.5 to 2 employees per room. Or the general one in a three star hotel is 8 persons per 10 rooms, 10 or 12 persons per 10 rooms in five star hotels. Usually in the country where the employees are cheap, such as in developing country the number can be higher. For example: In India employee per room in the luxury hotel is 2.7, up scale is 2.11, mid-market is 1.5, and budget is 0.72. However, the trend right now is not the big number employees that count, but on how to utilize the employees to deliver the highest service with proportionate number. That’s why employees have to be able to do a multi-tasking job.

Now how about to calculate the need of employee per department? I’m going to give you an example of how a three star hotel manages the number of the employee. Let’s say that Hotel A has 136 rooms in 9 floors with four meeting rooms, a coffee shop, and a swimming pool. The question is how many employees needed?

If we use the calculation of 8 employees per 10 rooms than the hotel will need 108 employees. How about the needs in Housekeeping, Front office and other operational department?

a. housekeeping department

The hotel has 136 rooms. If one housekeeper can clean up 30 minutes per room, with 8 hours of working, than one housekeeper can clean up 16 rooms. Therefore 136 rooms are divided into 16, than the hotel will need 9 room attendant minimum. In the public area, let’s say there are three floors, than at least the hotel needs a minimum of 3 persons of public area. And it needs 1 person to handle as order taker and 1 person laundry. And it will need 2 supervisors. So, the total it will need minimum 15 people.

b. In the front office

In the front office department, the hotel will need 1 reception in the morning, 2 in the afternoon (as there will be more check outs) and 1 in the night, plus additional 1 person for day off. It will also need 2 telephone operators and reservations. It will need minimum 3 concierges. And it also needs 2 supervisors in charge. So, the total is 12 persons.

c. the Restaurant (capacity of 70 pax)

The hotel will need 2 waiters, 1 cashier/greeter in the morning, 2 waiters and 1 cashier/greeter in the afternoon, 1 waiter and 1 cashier/greeter in evening, 2 banquet waiters, plus additional 1 waiter extra for day off. It will also need 1 person supervisor.  Minimum the restaurant will need 12 people.

d. Engineering Department

In the engineering department, it will needs 2 persons in the morning, 2 persons in the afternoon, 1 person in the evening, and a supervisor. Minimum, it will need 6 persons of engineering and maintenance.

e. Kitchen

In the kitchen it will need 1 cook in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, 1 in the evening, 1 pastry cook, and 1 additional cook for day off, 3 stewards, and a chef the party. In total it will need 9 kitchen staffs.

Usually the hotel is very busy, and minimum staffing is normally the case. The result is normally there are sick employees. In order to overcome the situation, it is often the hotel hires trainees and daily workers to assist in the hotel operation. Human resource also needs to have an evaluation on the effectiveness on the number of the employees hired; this is by doing a calculation of man days lost.

It is also need to consider by the human resources to keep the labor costs under budget. The expected labor budget is under 25% of the total costs.