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Blue Bird Group as a tourism and hospitality industry in Indonesia.



Blue Bird Group is a company providing transportation needs throughout Indonesia.

Beginning with just 25 taxi cabs in 1972, Blue Bird Group has gone through numerous trials and extensions to reach a current fleet of around 21,000.

Serving more than 8.5 million passengers per month across the country, Blue Bird Group’s line of services encompasses a broad range of spectrum, from regular taxis (Blue Bird) up to executive taxi (Silver Bird), limousine & car rental (Golden Bird), charter buses (Big Bird), and container trucks (Iron Bird).

Blue Bird Group claims that part of their success is owed to their ability to maintain such a high standard of quality and service over the years. Yet it is the strategic placement and easy availability of their vehicles that ultimately earn them the reputation as a most reliable transportation partner.

Blue Bird Group services can be enjoyed in many of Indonesia’s largest cities including Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Banten, Lombok, Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan, Manado and Palembang. They are also to be found in the heart of major business and tourist destinations throughout the country.

Blue Bird Group’s Product Design and Management.

Product Mix

First starting out its service in 1972, Blue Bird’s first goal had been to provide quality transportation services in the form of regular taxi that was non-existent in Jakarta at the time. Over the years, the Blue Bird name has been linked with the highest standard in passenger taxi service, catering to more than 8.5 million passengers all over Indonesia per month.

In order to tap into the market’s growing demand for dependable transportation, in the past decades Blue Bird has been spreading its wings to found several subsidiary taxi companies including the Morante Jaya, Cendrawasih and Pusaka Group taxis.

They have since then incorporated a number of other services thereby creating a product mix.

The mix now includes:

Transportation:  Which provides container and cargo transportation services.

The trucking services will deliver all cargo types required to all over destination from hand carry cargo up to hazardous materials with special packing and handling.  They provide wide range and various trucking type to accommodate all cargo type from small cargo up to special transported cargo type.

Freight forwarding

They provide direct consolidation services to all over major port destinations.

Project Handling

Wide range of special cargoes handling, heavy lift, oversized, special documentation required, erection, spotting and installation both of Governmental and Private projects.

Air Cargo Service

  • We provide reliable international air cargo transportation to various international points.
  • Related services such as cargo packing, cargo pick up from initial point up to final destination are available.


  • They provide general and bounded warehouse for normal and special cargoes.
  • They provide modern and customized warehouse to meet cargo storage and handling standard.


They have also segmented the market to suit the various needs of the different consumers. In doing so they have segmented the market in all four categories, namely; demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural.

Psychographic: (Social class) – Silver Bird

To fulfill the market’s need for more exclusive taxis, Blue Bird Group presents the Silver Bird. This lineup of executive taxis, began operations in 1993 to give a new meaning of executive transportation.

Silver Bird carries several coveted features including spacious interior and ample legroom. Each car is equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) device, Electronic Data Capture (EDC)* for electronic payment with Flazz, Debit BCA, BCA Card, Citi, Visa and Master Credit Card and benefits from well-trained drivers ready to give assistance in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Silver Bird is primarily conceived to accommodate all sorts of executive needs from airport transfers to chauffeuring for VIPs and dignitaries. To allow for easy availability, Silver Bird taxis can be found at four- and five-star hotels around Jakarta and Surabaya as well as at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Juanda International Airport.

Behavioural: (occasion, benefit sought and user status) – Golden Bird

Golden Bird presents a selection of standard and luxury vehicles available for both short and long term rental, with or without driver for a variety of purposes.

The limousine and car rental, provides the comfort of having a private car, yet without worrying about matters concerning insurance or maintenance, The Golden Bird rental service is ready to fulfill every customer requirement in Indonesia, with outlets spread throughout major hotels and at the Airport arrival terminals.

Among the privileges that can be enjoyed by Golden Bird customers are experienced drivers trained to give a safe, comfortable, easy and personalized service, full automotive insurance, and replacement vehicles ready at your beck and call.

Demographic:(income, life cycle) -Big Bird

Big Bird buses will give you the convenience of managing your own trip with plenty of room for everyone. Big Bird was an extension of Blue Bird taxis and Golden Bird limousines.

Big Bird specializes in providing chartered buses for both business and leisure, with a selection of air-conditioned and regular buses from 10 to 54 seaters with comfortable reclining seats and adequate legroom.

Special safety features, such as state of the art radio communication and some of the buses are featured with bullet-proof glasses. For the enjoyment of passengers, some buses have their own lavatories and television installed on board.

Services offered by Big Bird comprise a wide range of operations, daily school transportation, company outings and gathering and travel arrangements across Java, Bali and as far as Sumatra.


With a fleet of 21,000 in 30 Pools scattered throughout Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Banten, Lombok, Medan, Manado, Palembang, Semarang, Surabaya and Yogyakarta, Blue Bird Group continues to expand geographically.

Product Modification and Positioning

The core product, which is passenger transportation, has undergone extensive modification all in an effort to meet the growing demands of the consumers.

Utilizing the latest technology and know-how, the company has moved away from just having the use of the taximeters and radio communication to being equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) device, Electronic Data Capture (EDC)* for electronic payment with Flazz, Debit BCA, BCA Card, Citi, Visa and Master Credit Card and GPS, as well as having a round-the-clock computerized reservation system.

On the operational side, strategic placement of taxi outlets in a number of Indonesia’s largest cities has allowed for easy access in and out of major business and commercial districts. These also include tourist hot spots and national and international airports

Moving away from just the passenger taxi service, they have also positioned themselves in the rental company and as such have introduced the Golden Bird limousine and car rental and Big Bird with its charter buses.

With these modifications they cater to the varying consumers and have distinguished themselves from the other taxi companies.

Product life cycle

Over the years, Blue Bird Group has seen a rapid expansion in all four business divisions and Blue Bird Group is today more integrated than ever with services extended throughout parts of Indonesia.

They have gone from operating with 25 taxis since the inception, to having more that 21,000. Also not just operating the Jakarta area but have gone to other regions of Indonesia.

They moved from the introductory stage where they had only twenty five (25) taxis, to being well know where they now offer modified products to keep up with market demands.

Customer’s Experience

Good customer experience is vital to any company, and many pride themselves as providing such.

With the number of years and growth of Blue Bird taxi, it is evident that customers are satisfied with the services being offered. Customers continue to utility the company as they are perceived as being professionals in the field. The services as offered regularly and in a timely manner.

With the services and information being easily accessed via the internet, it becomes very likely that this company will be sought in the future.

Written by: Sophie Henderson